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ScHoOl iS AlMoSt OuT AnD i'M ReAdY tO PaRtY

I got my hair cut after school today * I had a burrito from the taco trucks.. yummy I love Mexican Food! * Tomorrow is the last day of school * I guess I can already say I'm a Senior! * Fuck I'm so happy!*Damn what the hell am I gonna do this summer?! * Decisions, Decisions....maybe I'll stay home everyday and do nothing! No fuck that, I'm partying and getting drunk!!! Yeah now that's how I am spending my summer! * I'll probably won't be allowed to go out a lot cuz my parents think I'm trouble maker! * Shit the hell with what they think this is my life no one tells me what to do damn it. *Well I'll see cuz I think they're leaving this summer to Portugal and they want me to go shit I don't think so...damn maybe I can get a job and this way they won't make me go and I'll get a part time job and after work I'll get home and party! * shit now that sounds like a plan yeah I think I'll do that!
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